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Đoạn văn viết về chủ đề gia đình số 2

We are a poor family . There are altogether nine members in my family , including my father andmy mother . The children are seven in all , four boys and three girls .
My father is a hawker selling fruits in the streets of Singapore and my mother is awasherwoman . My father earns about 25 dollars a day and my mother is getting about fiftydollars a month . Though poor , ours is a happy family . My parents seldom quarrel and they arethrifty .
All my brothers and sisters are studying in English schools . My eldest brother Ronnie isstudying in secondary four in a government school . He says that he will pass this year , with four good credits at least .
On school days my brother goes to school by bus and we children are in a nearby primary schoolnot very far from our home .
During the week-end my eldest brother helps us with our studies .