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The Office

Some people work in an office.
There are special tools that people in an office need to do their work.
There is a computer in the office.
There is a telephone.
Most of the time, the secretary answers the telephone.
The secretary sits at a desk.
The secretary has pens and pencils on the desk.
The secretary writes on a note pad.
Some other things that you would find in an office would include the following: a stapler
to staple pages together, a photocopier to copy pages, a pencil sharpener to sharpen
pencils, a water cooler where the employees could get a drink of water, a hole punch to
make holes in sheets of paper, and liquid paper which is used to blank out errors on a
Some offices have many employees in them.
All of the employees have their own desks.
Other offices just have one person at a desk.
In some offices, there is a secretary or a receptionist, and then there is the boss in
another room.
There are often many important papers in an office.
Important papers can be called documents.
You might have to sign a document or fill out a form in an office.
Some offices have bookshelves filled with books.
The books are filled with information that the people in the office need.
You will have to visit an office sometime.
Maybe it will be a doctor’s office or a lawyer’s office.
There are many different types of offices.