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A Date (1)

Harry: What are you so happy about? You’re grinning from ear to ear.
Gill: Sandy and I are going to go out this weekend.
Harry: Oh, yeah? That’s fast work. That’s great! Which night are you going to see her
Friday or Saturday?
Gill: On Friday. She isn’t going to be in town on Saturday and Sunday. She’s going to
visit a friend in Quebec.
Harry: What are you going to do on Friday?
Gill: I don’t know yet. Do you have any ideas?
Harry: How about taking her out to a Chinese restaurant? I’ve heard that she likes
Chinese food.
Gill: That’s a great idea.
Harry: What are you going to wear on your date?
Gill: I am going to wear my new suit.
Harry: That’s too formal. Wear your jeans and a T-shirt.
Gill: How about your sports jacket? Are you going to wear it Friday night?
Harry: No, I am not. Go ahead and wear it.