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At the Customs

Customs Officer: Good morning. Can I see your passport?
Clark: Certainly. Here it is.
C. O.: Yes, that’s all right. Have you got anything to declare?
Clark: Yes, I have. I’ve got some whisky and some cigarettes.
C. O.: How much whisky have you got?
Clark: A litre.
C.O: That’s all right. And how many cigarettes have you got?
Clark: Two hundred.
C.O.: Fine. What about perfume?
Clark: Er…No, I haven’t.
C.O.: Good. Open your case, please.
Clark: Pardon?
C.O.: Open your case, please. Open it now! Oh, dear! Look at this! You’ve got three
bottles of whisky, four hundred cigarettes and a lot of perfume!
Clark: Does that mean I can’t go?