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Do People Have the Right to Smoke in Public?

My father used to smoke.
He got very ill.
The doctor told him that he had to quit smoking.
My father tried for a long time to quit.
It was very difficult for him.
Smoking is an addiction.
After many months, my father finally gave up smoking, but he still craved a cigarette
once in a while.
He says that quitting smoking is the hardest thing that he has ever done.
When my father did smoke, he smoked everywhere.
He smoked in restaurants, stores and many public buildings.
Now, you are not allowed to smoke in a lot of public places.
When my father smoked, the rules were not so strict.
People could smoke just about anywhere.
It really wasn’t fair to the people who didn’t smoke.
Their clothes always smelled like smoke, and they breathed in second-hand smoke.
Some people think that second-hand smoke is actually worse for you than if you smoke
People would smoke in their houses, and very young children would inhale the smoke
that was in the air.
Some people still smoke in their houses, and their children breathe in the smoke.
Some restaurants have areas for smokers and nonsmokers, but usually the smoke drifts
from one area to the other.
There are some businesses that have banned smoking altogether.
Personally, I think that smoking in public places should be completely banned.
I don’t think that I should have to breathe in another person’s smoke if I choose not to
smoke myself.
It wouldn’t be fair for a nonsmoker to get lung cancer because they had to be in a place
where smokers were allowed to light up.
I know that smoking is a powerful addiction and that it is very difficult to quit, but
smokers should restrict their smoking to places where there is nobody else around.
Lung cancer is an awful disease.
Nobody should have to suffer with lung cancer.
People should be educated about the dangers of smoking.
Smoking should be banned in public places, but eventually I would like to believe that
fewer people will smoke.
It would be nice to live in a smoke free environment.