Wendy: Whew! I’m really tired and now I have to go home and cook.
Sue: Do you make dinner every night?
Wendy: Yes, I usually make dinner, and my husband washes the dishes.
Sue: I live alone, so I do everything. Sometimes I eat out, though. There are some good
restaurants in my neighbourhood.
Wendy: Where do you live?
Sue: Near the Pen Centre.
Wendy: That’s good. There aren’t any good restaurants near my house.
Sue: Does your husband help you do housework much?
Wendy: Umm…yes. He sets the table almost every night, and he makes our bed every
morning. But I usually make all the meals.
Sue: How about cleaning?
Wendy: We clean the house together every weekend. I vacuum the rooms, and he usually
sweeps the floor of the kitchen, and he does yard work.
Sue: Your husband helps you so much. Does he help do the laundry too?
Wendy: Well, he’s never helped me do the laundry.