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Interests and Hobbie

It is very rewarding to have different interests and hobbies.
Some people like to play computer games.
Other people spend a lot of time watching television.
There are people who would rather watch movies.
Some people prefer more physical things.
They would rather play a sport like baseball, hockey or basketball.
Some people do exercises at a gym, or they just go for walks.
There are many ways to exercise.
You can ride a bicycle or lift weights.
There are people who like to collect things.
They can collect all kinds of different things.
You can collect stamps, coins, dolls, postcards, movies, rocks or posters.
Some people even collect bugs or leaves.
Some people are lucky enough to be able to travel.
You can travel to a nearby place, or you can travel far away to a different country.
There are people who like to listen to music.
People have different tastes in music.
Some people like rock music, rap, classical music, or folk music.
There are many different types of music.
Some people would rather play music than listen to it.
You can play an instrument, or you can sing.
Many people learn to play the guitar or the piano.
Some people join bands or orchestras.
There are people who like to read books.
There are a lot of different hobbies.
It depends on what you consider to be fun.
You can have more than one hobby or interest.
It is good to be interested in a lot of different things.