Hello, how may I help you?
Well, I’ve been seeing these yellow boxes in front of a lot of houses in my neighbourhood.
just wondered what they were for.
I noticed your phone number on all of them, so I called.
Could you tell me about your business?
We do do recycling, but we’re not a business.
Gaea’s Guardians is a non-profit group.
We encourage recycling as a way of protecting the environment.
I don’t know.
I mean it is a good idea.
But I really don’t read the newspaper every day or anything.
And we don’t come collect newspapers every day!
In fact, we only do pickups every other week.
Oh, well then maybe I could help.
I mean in my neighbourhood, there’s too much rubbish lying around everywhere.
I’d like to help out, I guess.
That’s great, sir.
You’re doing the right thing.
OK, I need to get your contact information.
What’s your name, please?
Peter Wisrough.
Peter… how do you spell your last name?
No, actually it’s Wisrough.
Oh, I’m sorry. I’m a terrible speller.
You’re a good speller.
It’s just that my family are terrible pronouncers!
You’re quite a card, Peter!
OK, now what’s your address?
No. 168 Bridge Road.
That’s here in London.
How about if I have any questions?
I’m sending you a copy of our booklet, too.
The booklet has our phone number and our e-mail address,
[email protected],
that’s [email protected]
But I nearly forgot to ask, what’s your postcode?
No. That’s B as in “boy” S-9-7-P as in “Peter” U.
So, I’m guessing those yellow boxes I saw are for recycled newspapers?
Yes, that is correct, and it’s free of charge.
Wow, that’s good news!
Do you recycle anything besides newspaper?
Oh yes, we recycle most everything.
Glass, plastic, paper
Oh, so I can put like glass and plastic bottles in the box?
Sorry again. Things like that you have to bring to our collection centre
And where is that?
Our main centre isn’t that far from you.
It’s actually right on the East Side of Central Park.
That new blue building?
That’s the one!
Cool. Hey, what’s with all those different coloured boxes outside that place?
Oh, that’s for the different materials we recycle.
The blue is for metal, the green is for glass and plastics,
and the yellow of course is for paper.
Hmm, okay. I’ll try and manage to keep all that straight.
Oh, no need, they’re each labelled.
Great. So which one would I put magazines in?
Actually, they don’t go in any of the bins.
Unfortunately, magazines can’t be recycled because of the material they’re made of.
It’s such a waste.
So would you be interested in volunteering?
Um, I’ll think about it.
Could you send me some more info?
Along with the newspaper box, I’ll be sending you our booklet,
“Savvy”, that is S-A-V-V-Y.
It tells you about what you can do to protect the environment in your daily life.
Plus it lists things you can do as a volunteer with our group.
Hey, that’s cool, thanks!
My pleasure.
Do you have any other questions or concerns?
Nope, that’s it!