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There are four seasons.
Winter is the cold season.
It snows in the winter.
The winds blow, and ice forms on the water.
We play hockey on the ice.
We play in the snow.
After winter is the spring.
That is when it begins to get warmer.
Trees get buds on them.
Flowers start to bloom.
It rains a lot in the spring.
Spring is followed by the summer.
It can get very hot in the summertime.
The sun shines brightly.
We go swimming in the summer.
We spend a lot of time outdoors.
Many people go on vacations in the summer.
We get a summer vacation from school.
Summer is followed by the fall or autumn.
The leaves on the trees change colours.
They change from green to red,
orange and brown.
The leaves fall off the trees.
The weather gets cooler.
The days get shorter.
We go back to school in the fall.
Then, winter comes again.
The seasons follow one after each other.