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There are many subjects that you can take at school.
My favorite subject is music.
I like to sing and to play the clarinet.
I also like art.
I am quite good at drawing and painting.
History is a good subject.
I like learning about the past.
Geography is very interesting.
We look at many maps in geography.
We learn where there are deserts and mountains.
I know the names of all the continents and all the oceans.
Mathematics is my least favorite subject.
I am not very good with numbers.
I am good at addition and subtraction,
but I am not good at division and multiplication.
In my school we learn to speak French.
We learn French because Canada has French and English-speaking citizens.
English literature is a good subject.
I enjoy reading books.
I also like to write compositions and poetry.
Science is my brother’s favorite subject.
He is interested in plants, and he likes to do experiments.
We also take drama at my school.
I like to act.
I got the lead role in the school play.