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The Bathroom

There is a bathtub in my bathroom.
On the wall over the bathtub there is a shower head.
We have a shower curtain hanging on the rod over the bathtub.
If we want to take a shower, we close the curtain.
There is soap and shampoo in the bathroom.
The soap is used for washing yourself, and the shampoo is used to wash your hair.
Towels are hanging on racks.
There are washcloths or face cloths to wash yourself with.
The sink has hot and cold taps.
There is a plug for the drain.
When you pull the plug, the water runs out of the sink.
There is a toilet in the bathroom.
When you flush the toilet, the water swooshes out of it.
There is toilet tissue hanging beside the toilet.
We keep other things in the bathroom too.
There is a medicine cabinet which holds pain killers, toothpaste and makeup.
My mother likes to wear a lot of makeup on her face.
There is also hair spray and gel.
There are brushes and combs for our hair.
There are toothbrushes and dental floss for our teeth.
We only have one bathroom, so we line up to use it.
It is good to have more than one bathroom in a house.