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The Birthday Gift

It is going to be my father’s birthday.
What can I give him?
I don’t have much money.
I have looked all through the stores, and I have not found anything that I think he would
like, or that I can afford.
I have thought very hard about what to buy for him.
I thought that he might like some candy, but my father really doesn’t eat many sweets.
I thought that he might like a new shirt, but he has lots of clothes.
I can’t afford a new car or computer for him.
I was watching him on the weekend.
He cut the grass, washed the car, took out the garbage, weeded the garden and watered
the plants.
I got an idea.
I went to my room and took out some paper.
I cut out pieces of paper, and I wrote on them.
I wrote on one piece of paper that I would wash the car every weekend for the summer.
I wrote on another piece that I would take out the garbage every week for the summer.
I also wrote that I would cut the grass, weed the garden and water the plants every week
for the summer.
I made a birthday card for my dad, and I put the pieces of paper inside it.
I went downstairs and gave my gift to my dad.
My dad thought that the gift was very thoughtful.
He said that it was a gift from the heart.
I did all those things for my dad all summer.
He said that he had a lot of free time because I helped him so much.
My dad and I are good friends.
I don’t mind doing things for him because I know that he is always there to help me out.
A good gift doesn’t have to be something that costs a lot.
My dad says that the best gifts are the ones that show how much you care for the other
I’m glad my dad liked his gift.