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The Farm

My uncle is a farmer.
He lives on a farm.
He has many different types of animals.
In the barn, there are horses and cows.
The cows swish the flies away from themselves with their tails.
It sounds very loud if a cow says “moo” when you are standing there.
The cows eat the grass from my uncle’s field.
He gets milk from the cows.
I put a saddle on one of the horses and went for a ride.
There are pigs in the pigpen.
He has goats.
He says that the goats will eat just about anything.
He has a chicken coop with chickens in it.
The chickens lay eggs.
Have you ever seen baby chicks?
They are very cute.
My uncle collects the eggs every morning.
There is a rooster too.
The rooster crows when the sun comes up.
My uncle also has a goose.
The goose makes a honking noise.
I don’t think that the goose likes me.
It nips me when I go near it.
Many cats live in my uncle’s barn.
They are stray cats, but he lets them stay there because they keep the mice away.
My uncle feeds the cats.
My uncle says that he would like to get some sheep for his farm.
You can get wool from sheep.
There are a lot of animals on my uncle’s farm