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What I Look for in a Friend

What is it that makes somebody your friend?
Some people are nice, and you have fun with them.
Some people are nice to talk to, but they don’t become special to you.
Some people become very close to you.
Those people are the ones who become your good friends.
Did you ever wonder why certain people do become your good friends?
Friends usually have something in common.
Often, friends enjoy doing the same things as each other.
Maybe they like the same sports, or the same music, or maybe they can even talk about
problems or schoolwork.
Friends usually find a common bond.
Friends share ideas and listen to each other.
Sometimes, people who don’t have similar interests even become friends.
You can learn a lot from a person who likes different things than you.
The most important thing about friends is that they must communicate with each other.
A good friend is a person who takes the time to listen to the other person.
One of the most important things that I think a friend should have is a sense of humor.
I like to laugh with my friends.
I like to feel comfortable around my friends.
It is nice to be able to talk and laugh with people who have similar interests.
It is nice to share things with people and learn about their interests.
You become a better person if you are able to learn things from others.
Life is a journey.
On that journey you meet many people.
Some of those people will change your life.
You have to choose your friends with care.
A good friend is worth more than all the gold in the world.
A good friend will make your journey through life more pleasant.
Make friends along the way, and the path through life will be very rewarding.