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I change my clothes a lot.
If I am going somewhere fancy, I wear a dress.
I wear stockings on my legs, and I wear a pair of nice shoes.
If I am going to play sports, I wear a sweatshirt and jeans.
If I am going to the beach, I wear a bathing suit or a bikini.
My brother wears swimming trunks to the beach.
At work, I wear a skirt and a blouse.
Underneath my clothes, I wear underwear.
A lady wears a bra and panties as underwear.
A man wears boxer or jockey shorts as underwear.
Today, I am wearing a blouse and a pair of jeans over my underwear.
I have socks and shoes on my feet.
In the summer, I often wear sandals on my feet.
In the summer, the tops that I wear are usually sleeveless.
I usually wear shorts in the summer.
Sometimes, I wear a sweater or a jacket if the weather is cool.
I wear a cap or a hat on my head.
I wear a belt to hold up my jeans or my slacks.
Women sometimes wear a dress or a skirt.
Men wear a pair of slacks and a shirt.
Some men wear a suit and a shirt and tie.
If it is very cold outside, I wear a winter coat.
If it is cold, I like to wear gloves or mittens on my hands.
Sometimes, I wrap a scarf around my neck to keep warm.
I wear a toque on my head in cold weather.
I wear boots on my feet in the winter.
If it is raining, I wear a raincoat.
The way that I dress depends a lot on the weather.