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My Body

On the top of my head, I have hair.
Below my hair is my face.
I have two eyes.
I have eyebrows and eyelashes.
Below my eyes, I have a nose.
My mouth is below my nose.
I have lips.
If I open my lips, you will see my teeth and my tongue.
Below my mouth is my chin.
On the sides of my head, I have two ears.
My cheeks are on either side of my nose.
My neck holds up my head.
My neck attaches my head to my chest.
On either side of my chest are my shoulders.
My arms hang down from my shoulders.
I have wrists on my arms.
My hands are attached to my wrists.
My fingers are part of my hands.
I have ten fingers and ten fingernails.
My back is at the back of me.
Further down, there is my waist.
If I wear a belt, I put it on my waist.
My hips are below my waist.
My legs come down from my hips.
My legs are made up of my thighs, my knees and my calves.
My knees can bend.
My ankles are below my legs.
My feet are attached to my ankles.
My toes are part of my feet.
I have ten toes and ten toenails.
I am me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.