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Daily Schedule

I wake up every morning at seven o’clock.
I take a shower.
I eat my breakfast.
I usually have toast or cereal.
I brush my teeth.
I put on my clothes.
I catch the school bus.
I ride to school.
In my class, we have math and English before recess.
At recess time, the girls skip, or walk around and talk.
The boys play in the playground or play baseball.
After recess, we have physical education and geography.
We eat lunch, and then we play outside.
When the bell rings, we line up to go back into the classroom.
After lunch, we have history and science.
At recess, we play ball again.
Some of girls play ball too.
In the winter, we build snowmen.
If it is too cold, we stay indoors and talk to each other.
After recess, we have music and health.
We get out of school at three thirty.
I sometimes walk home with my friends, or I take the bus.
I have a snack and change my clothes when I get home.
I change into my pajamas.
If it is raining, I watch television.
If it is nice outside, I play with my friends.
I have supper at five thirty.
On some nights, I help my mother to do the dishes.
After supper, I do my homework.
I wash my face and hands, and brush my teeth.