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Working Outside

Today I was working outside.
It was a sunny day, and I was very hot.
I wore a hat on my head.
I watered all the plants.
I weeded the flower beds.
I cut back all of the plants that were growing too big.
I gave some of the plants plant food.
I cut the lawn.
I raked the lawn.
I filled up the bird baths with water.
I swept the sidewalks and the paths.
I took out the garbage.
I filled the car up with gas.
I washed the car.
I hung out the clothes on the clothesline.
I washed down the lawn furniture.
I washed all of the windows on the house from the outside.
I was so tired.
So I had a glass of lemonade.
I talked to my neighbour, and I helped her trim a tree.
I planted some bulbs,
and then I went into the house.
I was exhausted.